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Building Solutions For Major Projects

We provide customers with a wide array of construction services 

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Residential & Commercial

We can work on both residential and commercial projects when it comes to building and civil engineering solutions 


Our Services

Construction MTF


We specialise in maximising our customers’ value in both commercial and residential projects without compromising on quality and safety.

Civil Engineering MTF

Civil Engineering

We offer services for a range of infrastructure and building solutions, including sewage systems, pipelines and other building components.

Alterations MTF


We can provide construction projects for existing buildings. These include modifications, replacements and the modernisation of components.

demolition MTF


We offer safe and efficient demolition solutions for buildings and other structures using both manual and mechanical solutions.


Through this service, we can remove dirt and soil to form depressions in the ground. This service is generally used to make way for drain and sewage works.


This service is ideal for anyone who is looking to remove dirt, rock, stones and other materials from the ground in future construction sites. 

Who Are We?

MTF Bonanno knows its origins in the demolition and excavations sector which experience lasted 34 years. The company was officially set up in 1977 and has to date some 25 employees who are professionally trained and experts in their various responsibilities.

Today the company offers construction and building services apart from other services such as rock cutting, building alterations and the like, carrying out contract work in small or large projects as required.  At MTF Bonanno we respect our clients' deadlines, completing our work in a healthy and safe environment, thus also fully respecting the well-being of our employees and subcontractors.  We utilise our excavators and cranes thus minimising costs and offering fuller efficiency.

Past Projects

We also present our clients with other solutions that include property sales, equipment rental and material transport.

material transport

Material Transport

roofing services

Roofing Services

equipment rentals

Equipment Rentals

property exchange

Property Exchange

property development

Property Development

property sales

Property Sales

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