Demolition & Excavation Solutions

We at MTF Bonanno Ltd offer our clients a myriad of demolition and excavation services for a range of different results. 


Through this solution, we can safely and efficiently tear down a range of buildings and artificial structures both manually and mechanically using a range of machinery and equipment.


Our excavation services include the removal of rock or soil from a designated building site. Usually, this step takes place after the demolition phase if there is a previous structure that needs to be removed. 


Trenching is done to remove any materials from the ground to form narrow openings. Trenching involves digging done to form a narrow depression into the ground for a range of projects.

Mini Excavations

Mini excavations are ideal for high traffic work sites. Specialised machinery that can work on soft or wet ground is used for compact excavation and is designed to enter confined spaces with ease.

Drum Cutting

Drum cutting is a precise technology designed for utility work on hard materials and surfaces such as rock and concrete. Through drum cutting, we can handle trenching, chiselling and quarry digging.

Rock Cutting

Rock cutting is the removal of rock or soil from designated routes or areas. This is typically used for roads and is generally done using excavators, blasting and other heavy machinery and excavation equipment.